News: Cumin Chef now Matthew Cranert, Shockley Hits the Farm

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July 22, 2013
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July 23, 2013

It looks like Matthew Cranert, who is currently Executive Chef at M Wood Fired Oven (a sister restaurant to Cumin) is now also the Executive Chef for Cumin. In Cincinnati, he’s ¬†worked for Daniel Wright at Senate, as well as restaurants in San Francisco and Hawaii.

You may remember that Owen Maas left Cumin several months ago to be replaced by Steven Shockley. Steven has returned to his pop-up concept, Date Night, and is also serving bar snacks at Japp’s. From Steven: “I am now collaborating with the amazing people at Permaganic Eco-Garden, a small, not-for-profit farm in the middle of Over-the-Rhine that does a lot of work with the youth in the neighborhood. We had our first dinner last Sunday and it was a great success. I am actually working on the next menu (which will be on the 11th of August which will be Cincitalia, playing off of the similarities in produce and soil between southwest Ohio and southern Italy. Dinners are four courses and cost $35 a person with about 80% of the food coming from the farm and part of the fee going back to the farm as a donation.”


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    Hmmm…lots of turnover???

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