Diner en Blanc: What are you eating?

Diner en Blanc: What are you eating?


Diner en Blanc is tomorrow night, and Katy and I are each other’s dates (making it a foursome with our lovely friends Kimberly and Lauren). We have been texting most of the day trying to decide what to bring for dinner. A lot of folks have purchased picnics pre-prepared by Orchids or Eat Well Catering. I talked to one person who is bringing Popeye’s (genius. Delicious genius).

I know for sure I am bringing bread from Blue Oven Bakery and likely some bubbly from Party Source (I just haven’t decided what kind yet). I’m thinking salads layered in Mason jars for easy plating, some sort of cold entree, and I’m definitely stuck on dessert.

Are you going? What are you eating?

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