Should we lose the tip?

Should we lose the tip?

3824486278_7df8d71fe3_bAbout once a year, some major news outlet revives the conversation: “Should we do away with tipping?”  This year, it’s The New York Times, where Pete Wells takes up the question.

I can’t think of a “tip included” restaurant in Cincinnati, and I never mind tipping– it’s American custom.  In Europe, where tipping is not a custom (and dining is an event which takes several hours and not something to be done in a half hour), I’ve never noticed a huge difference in service.  Service there is slower; that’s THEIR custom.

So what do you think? Should restaurants be “service compris,” the French term for service being included? Or should we continue tipping?


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  • I’m not sure if tips should be *mandatory* and expected, but mostly just in the case of really poor service. Money talks, right? So what better way to leave feedback? Having said that, a lot of servers take the blame for kitchen mistakes that aren’t their fault – so before you think about stiffing someone on the tip, take into consideration if it’s really their fault. If you’re at a super busy restaurant and it takes a while, is it taking a while because your server is lazy or slow, or are they understaffed and doing their best to keep up?

    It’s all about context, but I think it’s really important to reward someone for great service – that’s what the hospitality and service industries are all about after all, right?

    Curious on hearing other people’s thoughts on this one,
    Brian at

  • Lose tips and lose employer funded healthcare. These distort markets. It’s no more fair to expect customers to gross up receipts so that service staff is paid a living wage than it is to require employers fund healthcare. Our taxes should fund healthcare, not our employers. For the life of me, I don’t understand why employers don’t want a single payer — especially in exchange for getting out of the healthcare funding business.

    • When I saw the first part of your comment, I was a little skeptical, but you make a good point– health care definitely shouldn’t be tied to employment.

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