Sleepy Bee Cafe to open in Oakley

Sleepy Bee Cafe to open in Oakley

sleepy bee

Frannie Kroner, best known for her Feast dinner extravaganzas, is going brick and mortar.

Kroner is pairing up with John Hutton and Sandra Gross, known for their other businesses, Brazee Street Studios and Blue Manatee, on a breakfast-brunch-lunch concept. According to Kroner, this allows her to continue Feast dinners (so no worries there, folks).  It’ll be local, organic, and with “a creative edge,” according to Kroner.

In case you’re not familiar with Kroner, before Feast she worked at Slim’s, eat well celebrations and feasts, staged at Lola Bistro in Cleveland and graduated from the Midwest Culinary Institute. More recently, she developed recipes for both Picnic and Pantry as their market chef and for Bakersfield OTR.

The Sleepy Bee is targeted to open in December, after Kroner’s joing project with Artworks, Random Snacks of Kindness, debuts.  You can follow Sleepy Bee’s build-out on Facebook.

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