Mini-Review: Waffo

Mini-Review: Waffo

IMG_3761So. Many. Food. Trucks!

This is a great thing– I love that mobile dining is really taking off. I had the opportunity to try Waffo at a recent Retrocentrics event. Everyone who had a Waffo raved about them, so at the end of the day I headed over.

Waffo is a traditional, soft Belgian waffle, served in both sweet and savory varieties. You can get it with a choice of toppings (think: chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries) or as special Waffo sandwiches. I had the Greek BLT: a savory Waffo, with lettuce, tomato, a really nice tzatziki sauce, and bacon. Incredibly filling (two could easily split that sandwich) and surprisingly good. Others had the pulled pork waffo and raved about it (I didn’t have room to try, unfortunately).

Waffo announces where they’ll be on Facebook, so if you’re looking for a creative twist on the sandwich, follow them there.


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