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February 19, 2014
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February 24, 2014

Last year was the final year for Cincinnati Magazine’s Top Ten restaurants list. With Donna Covrett’s departure, there was a change in focus– appropriate, considering the city’s restaurant scene has changed quite a bit as well.

This year’s list is new restaurants–  restaurants that have opened roughly in the past 12 months, perhaps a little bit longer (Metropole opened in December of 2012; it, Quan Hapa and M were all featured as new restaurants in the 2013 issue). .  Some aren’t really new — Boca just has a new location, for example. Metropole opened in December of 2012; it, Quan Hapa and M were all featured as new restaurants in the 2013 issue– but it is, arguably, a list of some of the more interesting restaurants in town.

1. Metropole

2. Boca

3. Salazar

4.  Kaze

5.  Sotto

6.  Quan Hapa

7. The Eagle OTR

8. Mazunte

9.  Zula

10. M

Interesting, too, that with the exception of Mazunte and M, most of the restaurants are in either downtown or, more specifically, Over-the-Rhine.  It’s also interesting the contrast of restaurants– the high-end, posh Boca vs. the comfort-food driven, beer-laden Eagle.  It’s an interesting departure– though I’d like to see a little more definition as to what “new” is.

So what do you think of the list? Are there misses? Anything you’d include or not?



  1. ctrent says:

    i went to m just once — and i know a good food critic goes a couple of times, and i was woefully unimpressed. the eagle, though, that’s legit.

  2. Lance Bowman says:

    Abit dissapointed with Boca’s appearance on the list. The space is beautiful, but I dont think a revamp is the same thing as being a “new restaurant.” Maybe they thought Falk needed anotger ego stroke… The rest of the list I can get on board with, but maybe Boca should be at least marked with an asterisk.

  3. Eric Puryear says:

    Grace’s Bistro and Ruth’s in Northside are both fine places to eat that have opened in the past year.

  4. Luke says:

    What about Nuvo, Sichuan Chili, Red Feather, Sleepy bee , Alfiois, a lot of good restaurants opened in the burbs.

  5. Heather says:

    Sotto is about the only place that has blown me away all year. With so many places opening this year, I feel like the quality of all the new places, and some old has been watered down- especially in the customer service department. Servers who don’t know the menu, much longer than industry standard drink delivery times, award hosts & FOH staff- I am over giving “free passes” to new places. You don;t get a 2nd change to make a 1st impression with me any longer. I think perhaps working in the industry makes my standards different form the General Public.

  6. Heather says:

    OOps- Typos galore!! I defiantly didn’t intend to type “award hosts & FOH staff” I was trying to say “awkward”

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