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March 17, 2014
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April 25, 2014

Apparently, it’s just giveaway time here at WMDM. I guess it’s that season!

What’s your regular order at Skyline? Usually, for me, it’s a Chili Bowl or a Buffalo Chicken Salad (dressing on the side, please).

But, it’s also Lent– and that might change up your order in this Catholic town. Skyline does have meatless options — like black beans and rice, seasoned with the same seasoning mix as the chili; Greek salads; vegetarian burritos, and (at some locations) baked potatoes.  So, Skyline is giving away $25 for you to try a meatless item or two for lunch or dinner.  The contest will run through Friday, and I’ll mail your gift certificate just as soon as I pick a winner.


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  • tom_streeter

    I usually get a small 4-way (onions) and a couple coneys. Though I’ve had the burritos and I like those.

  • Krystan

    I usually get a small 4-way with onions, and make whoever I’m with split an order of cheese fries with me… diet soda and crackers on the side.

  • Tabitha

    I always get the vegetarian 3-way!

  • 5 way and chili cheese sandwich.

  • BRian

    3 cheese coneys, cheese fries, dr. pepper!

  • AJ

    I have only had Skyline once (loved the 5-way) since I’m new to Cincinnati. I love the idea of trying out the meatless options.

  • Lauren George

    Small 3-way and a plain chili cheese sandwich

  • merng

    Lately it’s been the Coney bowl since it’s very low in carbs.

  • theresa

    The Greek Salad is my usual Skyline order.

  • Emily Schneider

    I like a cheese coney now and then.