Recipe: Elotes + Ohio Summer Corn

Recipe: Elotes + Ohio Summer Corn

I posted a picture of elotes on Facebook and Instagram the other night and people clamored for the recipe.  I promised I’d post one, but that was sort of disingenuous.  This dish isn’t about precise proportions, it’s really about mixing a few ingredients together as you like them.  So here is how The Better Half and I like elotes, also known as “Mexican corn” or sometimes esquites, particularly if the corn is cut off of the cob.  Customize this to make it as spicy as you’d like.

elotes by wine me, dine me



Sweet corn, as many cobs as you’d like.  These were from Findlay Market, Peaches & Cream variety.  I have made this with Trader Joe’s frozen roasted corn when I’ve felt lazy. No shame. It’s better with fresh, of course.

Mexican Crema.  In a pinch, you can  thin sour cream with a little water.  I put it in a squeeze bottle, as I’m fancy that way.

Butter. It’s corn. You need butter.

Cotija cheese.  Crumbly and salty, this adds some more creaminess, salt and texture to the elotes.

Chili powder. Your favorite kind will do.  Make sure it’s fresh!

Limes.  Quarter them, please.

For the sweet corn, you can either boil or grill it — grilling is preferred, but I understand it can be a little more time consuming.  While elotes can be served on the cob, in order to make sure that you get all of the toppings in the dish (and not on your shirt), cut the kernels off of the cob when the corn has cooked.

Portion out as much corn as you’d like per person in a bowl while it’s still piping hot.  This is when I add a bit of butter and stir until mixed.  Then, top with (in this order): crema, cotija, chili powder and serve with a slice of lime, which is squeezed on just before eating.  You can use a bit of salt if you wish; I think the cotija is salty enough for my tastes.

See?  Super easy.  Try it out on your summer corn.  You just may not go back to plain corn and butter.

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