Best of Taste of Cincinnati!

I am so happy.

So, so happy.

Best damn dish in town?

Arloi Dee’s’s Chicken Lettuce Wrap.


Other winners:

Best: Montgomery Inn’s Ribs
Award of Excellence: Vitor’s Walnut-Coconut Encrusted Shrimp

Best: Arloi Dee’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Award of Excellence: Indigo’s Black and Bleu Tuna Salad

Best: Andy’s Mediterranean Chicken Tawook
Award of Excellence: Shanghai Mama’s Seafood Shanghai Noodles

Vegetarian Entrees:
Best: Courtyard on Main’s Black Bean Burrito
Award of Excellence: La Petite France’s Vegetarian Crepe

Best: Vitor’s Unforgettable French Toast
Award of Excellence: Courtyard Cafe’s Raspberry Cloud Pie

Not a single chain on the list. I am so darn proud of our city and its great culinary scene!  The judges were faculty and students from the Midwest Culinary Institute.

3 thoughts on “Best of Taste of Cincinnati!”

  • I am SO GLAD they moved Taste back to fifth street. For a while they had it on Central Parkway and it felt like eating in a garbage strewn parking lot. It was really horrid.
    I might actually venture back now that they are flanking Fountain Square again!

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