Cincinnati’s Top Ten Restaurants– Cincinnati Magazine, March 2008.

I just received my March issue of Cincinnati Magazine– and here they are:

1. Boca
2. Jean Robert at Pigall’s
3. Orchids at Palm Court
4. Nicola’s
5. Slims
6. Jean Ro Bistro
7. Cumin
8. Jo An
9. Nectar
10. Daveed’s at 934

As usual, Boca and Pigall’s flip flop for top restaurant. I’m surprised to see Slims and Cumin on this list (not because they’re not good, they are, but because these lists skew towards the expensive and “special”) and I thought Daveed’s would place higher. What do you think? Which restaurants were snubbed, and which don’t deserve to be on there?

Personally, I don’t think JeanRo should be on there– it’s mediocre at best, with overly pretentious service for the “concept”. Replace it with Honey and I’d agree with the list.

7 thoughts on “Cincinnati’s Top Ten Restaurants– Cincinnati Magazine, March 2008.”

  • I don’t subscribe to Cincinnati magazine. Sue me. Jo An is awesome! I love their spider roll! 🙂 However I didn’t enjoy Cumin the last time we went. It didn’t taste like Indian food, it tasted like Indian food Americanized. It was a while ago though, so I’d be willing to try again.

  • I only get it because I donated to WVXU. 🙂

    I was OK with Cumin. I went about four years ago, right after my ex-husband got back from India, and though it was okay, it seemed very overpriced and, again, Americanized. My boyfriend is very sensitive to curry, so we don’t do much Indian, but I’ll have to try it again as well.

  • I liked Cumin before they moved to the corner. Their food was interesting, unpretentious and good value.

    Now it’s all style and no substance.

  • I agree about Cumin, the food is good but its definitely Americanized Indian food. As far as the other restaurants go, I haven’t been to all of them but the list seems pretty fair.

  • Daveed’s deserved a better fate, and JeanRo shouldn’t be in this company, not because it isn’t good, but it’s not the same caliber of restaurant as the rest of these (nor does it try to be). It’s a bistro.

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