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Read This: Senate Street and Savory

Read This: Senate Street and Savory Posted by on Jun 6, 2014

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The Rookwood: Upland

The Rookwood: Upland Posted by on Jul 23, 2014

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Review: Gorilla Cinema’s Pulp Fict...

Review: Gorilla Cinema’s Pulp Fiction Dinner Posted by on Jun 24, 2014

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For Science: Meal Delivery Services

May 16, 14 For Science: Meal Delivery Services

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A lot of people think that, because I write about restaurants, I don’t cook. False. Actually, I don’t think you can write about restaurants (or any sort of food) if you don’t cook.  I’ve been cooking since I was kid, and haven’t stopped.  Sometimes, though, even though I work from home, the cooking...

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Review: Zooted Delivery + Meatball Kitchen

Hanging out on either coast for work has really spoiled me. I’ve complained in the past about the lack of delivery options– until recently, La Rosa’s and King Wok were pretty much our only delivery options. No more. Two delivery services have recently opened in Cincinnati: Zooted and CincyBites. Both of them...

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Giveaway: Skyline!

Apr 07, 14 Giveaway: Skyline!

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Apparently, it’s just giveaway time here at WMDM. I guess it’s that season! What’s your regular order at Skyline? Usually, for me, it’s a Chili Bowl or a Buffalo Chicken Salad (dressing on the side, please). But, it’s also Lent– and that might change up your order in this Catholic town. Skyline...

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Mini-Review: Mike-Sell’s Cincinnati Chili Chips & Buffalo Puffcorn Delites

Mar 17, 14 Mini-Review: Mike-Sell’s Cincinnati Chili Chips & Buffalo Puffcorn Delites

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I grew up with bags of Mike-Sell’s the potato chip of choice at parties. Never any fancy flavors.  Never Grippos (something I didn’t discover until I was an adult). Just plain Mike-Sell’s, which I learned early on were different because of peanut oil (it said so on the bag, after all). So when Mike-Sell’s...

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Giveaway: Penn Station

Feb 28, 14 Giveaway: Penn Station

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If you didn’t win the Art of Food tickets, I’m sorry– but I do have a chance for you to win $20 to my favorite local guilty-pleasure chain. Penn Station is not an “authentic” cheesesteak — they use real provolone and add banana peppers, not wiz and weird pressed steak like they do in Philly...

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Pontiac Bourbon & Barbecue to open in Summer

I don’t think Vine Street smells good enough. You have the wafting of donuts, tacos, pizza, truffle fries, fried chicken, Asian food… what’s it missing? Barbecue, of course. Dan Wright is opening up his next restaurant, Pontiac Bourbon & Barbecue, “sometime this summer”, said Wright when I spoke to...

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Lavomatic Adds New Executive Chef, Josh Campbell Moves to Fine Dining

Lavomatic just announced their new Executive Chef, Cameron Serrins. He’s no stranger to Cincinnati, having worked at Honey, Mayberry, La Poste,  Django Western Taco and, coincidentally, with Joanne Drilling at Lavomatic when it opened. From Lavomatic: “Chef Cameron brings a range of styles and contemporary approach to...

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