Hi, I’m Julie Niesen, occasionally known around town as wine me, dine me. 

photo of julie niesen, wine me dine me. In 2007, Cincinnati’s food scene was a little quiet.  Over-the-Rhine hadn’t become the food Mecca it is today.  There was no Yelp, there were no food blogs, there were no James Beard nominations, and the New York Times (among many other publications) hadn’t yet profiled Cincinnati and its growing food scene and historic neighborhoods.

Newly moved to Over-the-Rhine and fresh out of grad school, I noticed that there wasn’t much food writing in town outside of Cincinnati Magazine and the Enquirer. There was very little coverage that spoke to people my age, who wanted an urban lifestyle, and who wanted to make Cincinnati great.

Why not be that voice?

Since then, I’ve built wine me, dine me from a little blog that even my mother didn’t read (thanks, Mom!) to the first food blog to make a splash in Cincinnati.  I’ve been featured in The Cincinnati Enquirer as their first blog partner, I’ve written for WCPO Digital, been voted in the top three Best Blogs by City Beat (from 2010 to 2016, when they cut the category), appeared on WCPO and Fox 19, talked food and sports with Mo Egger, judged a thousand food competitions (approximately), stomped grapes, danced with my heart, made vegetable cars and I’ve been featured in Serious Eats, The Washington Post, USA Today, City Beat, Cincy Chic, Cincy Magazine and many more.

In ten years, Cincinnati has changed: we have one of the most vibrant food scenes in the midwest, and we’re getting noticed around the country (and the world).

I’ve changed, too.  I’ve been engaged, married and divorced, I’ve gone from semi-bored recent grad to busy marketer for a global technology company who also consults. I teach. I volunteer. I travel. I’ve given myself permission to have some downtime.

This blog has changed, too.  I no longer focus on reviews, but instead focus on stories about food: whether that’s local or national, eating out or dining in, drinking wine or shaking cocktails.  Sometimes, it may even just be a slice of my life, whether it’s about fitness or my pets.

I’ll always be the biggest cheerleader of Cincinnati, and the biggest cheerleader of this incredible food community.  That won’t change.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Would you like me to write for you, speak at your event, judge an event, or just want to say hello?  Do so below.

Photo credit: Mikki Schaffner Photography

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  • Hi Julie,

    I don’t know if you remember me, I met you and Terry a few months ago at Findley Market one Saturday morning. I am a total fan of your blog, but haven’t really been involved in any postings yet. I am writing now becuase I am lost on a recipe and I thought you may be able to assist. I am making the turkey for Thanksgiving this year, and I want to try Alton Brown’s brine recipe. My problem is, I don’t know where to get the turkey. According to the recipe, a frozen non kosher, non self basting bird is called for. I have not been able to find one. Do you know where one would be available, or could you open it up to all the other readers out there? I truley apologize if this is inappropriate to ask you about, I am not really up to date on what is okay/not okay in the blog world, but I just didn’t know where else to try…thanks!

    Jobe Fathman

  • Hi there Julie,

    I work with an international charity called Breadline Africa. We have just launched a campaign called the Blogger Bake off, which seeks to raise $1 Million in funds on order to alleviate poverty in Africa. Our campaign is based on utilising the blogging community and their readers to assist in raising the funds. We would appreciate it if you could have a look at our site:


    and perhaps get yourself, your readers and other bloggers involved!? If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    All the best,

  • Just stumbled onto your site and I love it!! not only are there good recipes to try, but I love your reviews and info about the area. I moved to Cincinnati recently and appreciate it!! thanks!!

  • Thank you for linking to my blog. Cincinnati is becoming a driving force in the foodie-blog world. Mark Bittman is even recognizing this. Let’s keep it going.

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